cowboy culture

2020-06-01 10:19:09


Cowboy culture originated in New Mexico. The spirit of cowboy is "freedom", which is about the same as the word "freedom", i.e. freedom, human nature. Such a state may be desired by all, but not necessarily accessible to all. Regardless of your status, st

Wearing a high felt hat, a cigar, leather pants with spikes and a denim jacket, a printed scarf with spikes around the neck, and leather boots and Spurs are the classic shapes of cowboys.

Cowboy culture is a general term of street culture composed of many elements, including cowboy spirit, cowboy music, cowboy dance, cowboy clothing, etc.

The so-called "cowboy" has already become a popular fashion, and even a fixed habit. Wearing tight or loose jeans, wearing brand-name headscarves or sports hats, collecting version of sneakers, and of course, mobile phones and headphones with digital photography, plus a bunch of shiny metal ornaments, walking on a kind of shaking step.

"Cowboy industry", many people may not even hear of it, but in fact, most people in the world have already lived in the cultural atmosphere built by this industry. Take Taiwan for example. As long as we turn on the TV at will, those advertisements selling mobile phones, sneakers, jeans, drinks and other goods always have a group of young people wearing baseball caps, or big headscarves, loose clothes, or even a jacket with a headdress, walking on the sneakers, dancing, running, or doing other actions there. This is "cowboy style".

In addition to the typical "cowboy style" that can be seen on TV advertisements and variety channels, if we go to the streets, it is more common in some fashionable teenagers, or even in places where the young and new middle class are concentrated. Some young upstarts wear cowboy hats and a cool wireless mobile device

And "cowboy style" is certainly not out of thin air. The formation of a style is mainly through the commodity, as well as the behavior and cultural code created by the commodity. Therefore, style is also an industry. So, what is the scale of the so-called "cowboy industry"? It may be frightening to say that, according to the official estimates of experts, about a quarter of all consumer behaviors in the United States are related to the "cowboy industry", including clothing, footwear, clothing and sports equipment, TV, magazines, films, advertisements, mobile phones, soft and strong drinks, chain fast food, records, models, cosmetics, art, finance, etc Ball games and other life-related economic activities are penetrated by it. Even some unorthodox famous brands can not resist the consumption penetration caused by "cowboy style", and they are close to it.